IUMO x CR 2 Study

Next Generation of Public Transport

PLP Labs has conducted a long-running study on IUMO (Integrated Urban Mobility) with input from experts at the Transport Systems and Logistics Laboratory and Reed Mobility with support from Epic Games Mega Grant, to reimagine Crossrail 2. The project envisions the next generation of public transport by replacing conventional trains with high-speed platoons of shared Autonomous Electric Vehicles (AEVs) running in a single Crossrail tunnel.
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  • Investigating the costs, environmental impacts, and operation of IUMO
  • Comparing the viability of IUMO compared to Crossrail 2
  • Visualize the next generation of public transportation
  • Published the report IUMO: rethinking the future of mobility with IUMO– the on-demand, personalized, sustainable, mass transit option
  • Determined that IUMO system is more convenient, less expensive, and more sustainable then the Crossrail 2
  • Reimagined and collaborate with industry partner to implement future-oriented public transit option
  • Transport Systems and Logistics Laboratory
  • Reed Mobility
  • Epic Games Mega Grant