Fair Cities Platform: Race and Space

Addressing inequality and ethnicity in cities

Fair Cities Platform, a partnership between PLP Labs, Gehl and the Connected Places Catapult hosted Fair Cities: Race and Space event. The virtual roundtable brought together a group of key thinkers and decision makers from across the built environment sector, as well as experts on inequalities and race, to discuss the key issues around ethnicity, inequality and the urban environment and what the built environment community needs to be doing better. Visit the Fair Cities Platform website.

  • The increasing inequalities within communities in cities and their symptoms or causes
  • The built environment industry’s potential to have a positive impact on equality within cities
  • Issues of ‘race and space’ in the built environment
  • Hosted a virtual roundtable session about ‘race and space’ to identify how the built environment communicate can tackle racial inequality
  • Gehl
  • Connected Places Catapult