This changes everything

Exploring cities in a post-pandemic world

PLP Labs’ published ‘This changes everything’ which explores the effect of the pandemic on fifteen different elements of the built environment, with each topic including an evaluation of key changes, suggestions on how to move forward, and a discussion with a leading voice in that field. The research is separated into three key chapters – ‘Overarching Themes’, ‘City Design’ and ‘Sectors’ – we investigate everything from Resilience, Construction, and Mobility, through to Open Space, Workplace and Homes.

  • The effect of the pandemic on: Big data & technology; sustainability; Resilience; Healthy places; Social value; Governance; Construction; Density; Mobility; Open Space; Retail and F&B; Workplace, Educational places; Homes; Cultural places
  • A comprehensive outline of the impacts of the pandemic on various sectors, elements of city design and urban themes
  • Insight into ways to adapt to key issues caused by the global pandemic
  • Sandy Tung, GLA
  • Daniel Chang, Hines Europe
  • Ilan Kelman, University College London
  • Araceli Camargo, Centric Lab
  • Sophia Cox, UK Green Building Council
  • Patrick Les Gales, Sciences Po
  • Mark Reynolds, Mace
  • Pierfrancesco, Maran, City of Milan
  • Federico Parolotto, Mobility in Chain
  • Jeff Risom, Gehl
  • Scott Malkin & William Riordan, Value Retail
  • Ronen Journo, WeWork
  • Andrew Harrison, Spaces That Work
  • Adina David & Gary McLuskey, Greystar
  • Gordon Seabright, Creative Land Trust