GUS – AI Designed Mycelium Stool

The human role in a world of AI

PLP Labs collaborated with Studio Snoop and their AI designer, Tilly Talbot, to present an AI designed stool for London Design Festival 2023 exhibited at Tom Dixon’s Studio. In a bid to explore what the human role is in a world of AI, PLP Labs grew one of Tilly’s designs, a mycelium stool called GUS and taught the AI their mycelium know-how.

  • Explore the role of the designer and natural materials in the world of AI
  • Experiment with the natural characteristics of mycelium
  • Experiment with AI design using natural materials
  • Taught the AI, Tilly Talbot, about the properties of mycelium
  • Showcased GUS at Tom Dixon’ Studio for London Design Festival
  • Combined AI design with natural materials
  • Tilly Talbot, Studio Snoop