Digital Sumbiotecture – Metaverse Architecture Biennale

Notion of ‘scale’ and the potential for digital fungal structures

PLP Labs presented the “Future Sumbiotecture” at the world’s first Metaverse Architecture Biennale. The event, held in the metaverses Decentraland and W3rlds, calls back to the first architecture biennale with the theme “Presence of the Future”, offering a moment to contemplate the future of digital architecture. The design explored the notion of ‘scale’ and the potential for digital fungal structures to serve as an educational tool. It is in the metaverse, the future of design and nature may meet beyond the confines of the Anthropocene.

  • Explore the notion of “scale” in a digital context
  • Examined the potential for digital architecture to serve as an educational tool
  • Test the architectural modeling potential of Decentraland and W3rlds
  • Debuted a first-of-its-kind digital pavilion in Decentraland and W3rlds
  • Ventured into the new digital and architectural frontier of the metaverse, where people, planet, and technology collide
  • Reimagined the relationship between fungi and architecture in a digital landscape