Designing for Neurodiversity

Creating enabling office environments.

PLP Labs and Centric Lab published research for the British Council for Offices titled “Designing for Neurodiversity”. The report examines the impacts that physical spaces have on their users, finding that certain spaces can be disabling because of their poor design and lack of consideration for the diverse needs of users. The report encourages workplace design to address unemployment and burnout among neurodiverse workers.
  • Explored the lived experience in offices from a neurodiverse point of view
  • Critically analysed office design to decrease burnout and unemployment amount neurodivergent individuals
  • The report links poor office design with increased occurrences of burnout among neurodivergent individuals, who appear more likely to develop the syndrome especially as they often mask or suppress symptoms as a way to fit in
  • Determines how various levels of the built environment, from designers to building managers, can curate offices that better serve neurodivergent individuals
  • Centric Lab
  • British Council for Offices