Timber Towers

Developing new construction methods

PLP Labs in junction with University of Cambridge researchers and Smith and Wallwork Engineers proposed The Timer Towers and developed strategies for the use of timber in high-rise construction. ‘Oakwood Tower’ is a 300-meter timber tower in London’s Barbican Centre and ‘The Lodge’ is a 130-meter timber tower envisioned in The Netherlands. The team investigated the structural possibilities and the health and wellbeing benefits of a residential high-rises made of timber.

  • New forms of construction and alternative methods
  • The potential use of timber in high-rise buildings
  • Proposal for a 300m tall timber tower in central London and a 31-storey tower envisioned in the Netherlands
  • A new approach to thinking of the relationship between timber and the city
  • New construction methods significantly reduce the building’s negative environmental impact
  • Centre for Natural Material Innovation at the University of Cambridge
  • Smith and Wallwork Engineers