The Edge

Creating intelligent workplaces

PLP Labs’ crafted a futuristic environmentally-conscious workplace typology in The Edge in Amsterdam. The office employs a combination of innovative smart technology and latest-generation thinking on workplace planning, to create an environment that gets the best out of its employees. As well as its impressive 98.38 BREEAM sustainability rating, the building was also dubbed the ‘smartest building in the world’, owing in part to the 28,000 sensors that optimise its operations.

  • New workplace typologies – a focus on people, talent, culture, well-being, levels of engagement and opportunity for individual choice.
  • Smart technologies – adaptable and controllable interior environments.
  • Was the world’s most sustainable and smartest building with a 98.36% BREEAM rating.
  • 28,000 sensors measuring environmental quality and space-use efficiency.
  • Employees can control their individual workspace environment via a smartphone app.
  • Increase of un-allocated space (25%), non-hierarchical work environment and collaborative work environment. Has led to a huge increase in employee productivity and satisfaction.