Know Your Health

Empowering citizens to create healthy cities

PLP Labs designed ‘Know Your Health’— an online tool and downloadable guide—with Centric Lab and Comuzi. The guide helps people living in cities to identify how their environment is impacting their health, and then empower the public to improve their situation and long-term health resilience as individuals and a community. Learn more and take the survey on the Know Your Health website.

  • The impact of everyday environments and behaviours on people’s health and wellbeing in urban environments
  • Ways in which individuals can mitigate the negative impacts of the built environment on their personal and community’s health
  • New methods of creating an equitable dialogue between citizens, place-managers and industry
  • An online knowledge-sharing tool, including a survey, informative pages and a downloadable ‘playbook’ with tips, examples and key information
  • Periodic insights into the current state of health in the built environment
  • Centric Lab
  • Comuzi