Transforming urban mobility

PLP Labs’ presents IUMO/V—a vertical mobility concept set to revolutionise how we move around buildings and ultimately, the structures themselves. Closer to a train than an elevator, IUMO/V consists of an external track on the outside of a building with a pod that enables the tracks to curve over and around the form of the building. The IUMO transport protocol technologies allow the system to intelligently group travellers as efficiently as possible, allowing for greater efficient vertical mobility.

  • Building circulation, existing technologies and areas of stagnation
  • Efficiencies of multi-vehicular passenger transport systems
  • Three-dimensional building circulation that doesn’t rely on rigid building cores – floor plates can be given over to other uses
  • An extremely efficient circulation system
  • Offers new ways of seeing a building’s relationship with the city – users aren’t hidden away in a lift core