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In the near future, mobility will be solved in increasingly automated ways. Lifts, trains, cars will be replaced with single transport protocols. These protocols can free transport from its current two-dimensional restrictions, rendering the street, rail or lift shaft obsolete. What will our cities look like when freed from this legacy infrastructure? What impact will this have not just on location, but on the way we negotiate and experience the city, the form of our buildings, the organisation of public realm or the way we conceive real estate? IUMO/H aims to answer these questions.



IUMO/V (formerly Skypod) is a vertical mobility concept set to not only revolutionise how we get around buildings, but also how the structures themselves are designed. Closer to a train than a traditional elevator, IUMO/V consists of an external track on the outside of a building, with a gyroscope-like pod than enables the tracks to curve over and around the form of the building. The IUMO transport protocol technologies allow the system to intelligently group travellers as efficiently as possible, allowing for considerably more efficient vertical mobility.



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